dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

To Be A Good Girl

Hey there!

Well, I'm still feeling ill but one good thing... my camera works again!!
Technology and me isn't a good combo. For some reason, I'm always having trouble with my cellphone, my laptop and now my camera too!

I wore this dress today and I was so happy because everytime I open my closet, I want to wear it.
But my sister said once that this dress reminds her of a Grandma-dress and since that day, I haven't worn it.

But today, I just felt like 'Whatever!'. I combined it with a blue sweater (which was also buried in my closet) and a white collar I made. It's a DIY-collar. Just take an old shirt and cut the collar.
Voila! :-D

I know it's a bit different from my other 2 outfits. But sometimes, I just want to dress myself really girly. I especially love the schoolgirl-look :-)

Have a nice day!




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