woensdag 17 oktober 2012

After those days...


Sooo... this weekend was our very first performance! We all were so nervous/excited/curious/stressed out of our minds! I had some panic-moments since I had to do the make-up all by myself. And on theater, the actors have to wear heavy eyeliner + foundation. Otherwise, they will look pale and almost eyeless.
It was chaotic. 'Backstage' was just a small basement with lots of old chairs and props. You should have seen it! 15 people running around with costumes and props, aargh!!

But I survived! (Somehow) :-P

The atmosphere was great though! I made a lot of new friends and we laughed all the time and tried to be silent (you heard every sound on the stage).
I got help from a few girls with the make-up and we sure had a good time together!
(Hilarious when one girl tried pink lipstick on one of the guys!! And another girl used waterproof mascara instead of regular mascara. Hahaha, the boy freaked out when he, after the performance, tried to wipe the mascara off but it just got worse!! Panda-eyes!! XD )

Now, the pictures...

The weather has been so cold lately! Ugh, I hid my face in big scarves and I even had to wear a winter-jacket.

On the day of the first picture, I wore an orange dress. Not really orange but more like the colors of autumn leaves. And to prevent from freezing, I also wore a black sweater and a white peter pan-collar I ordered from 3 Suisses a few months ago. I'm currently combining all my summer dresses with sweaters and collars. Guess I'm in my girl-fase right now :-)

The pictures are from a little shoot I had with my friend, Stefanie (the second picture). She's a great girl and yes, she has rainbow hair. She's maybe a bit extreme for some people but every time we meet up for classes, we always end up having awesome conversations about everything.

And we always have those conversations over a good cup of Starbucks-coffee. I'm currently in love with Chai Tea Latte (it's like Christmas in a cup :-D )
We also got a sample of the Apple Crumble Latte and now, it's even more difficult for me to decide which one is more delicious.

Living on coffee.... <3



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