maandag 1 oktober 2012

Quick, quick!!

Hey everybody who reads this! :-)

This post will only have 2 pictures because I'm feeling ill and I'm having some trouble with my camera.
And I feel too weak to find out what's wrong with it.
I'm a when-I-wake-up-everything-will-be-alright kind of girl :-P

So I really hope that when I wake up:
1) I will feel better
2) My camera will work again.

About the pictures...

I wore this (picture 1) today when I went to an 2 hour-class Philosophy. Ugh, I almost died of boredom.
But the last 30 minutes, I paid more attention while I doodled this (picture 2)

(Another secret: I remember more when I'm doodling. My highschool teachers never understood this part of me ;-D )
Picture 1
 Picture 2

And now, I will go to bed and play these songs on my iPod till I fall asleep.


Sick K.

Crystal Castles - Leni (GoodBooks remix)

The Fifth Element - Protect Life (Remix)

Eric Crusher feat. Chloe - Unicorn

Stateless - Bloodstream

Cut Chemist - The Garden

Gotye - Hearts A Mess

Thirteen Things - Elephant Parade

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