maandag 8 oktober 2012


Autumn has officially arrived!

Actually, it's always(!) raining, windy and cloudy but the ground is covered with red, orange and yellow leafs which means.... AUTUMN-FUN!!! :-D

In my family, it's a tradition to go for a walk in a forest nearby and somehow I end up every year with my butt in the mud and leafs in my hair. This is the result of a super intens fighting-game.
We throw leafs and mud and the first one who falls on the ground, is the loser. Of course, it's often me :-P

And after the walk, there is an enormous dinner waiting at my grandma's house.

Now, as promised, outfit-post :-)

I asked my brother to take these pictures and I have to say, he did a good job.
He's only 12 years old and he is always playing games on his computer/Nintendo DS.
But he is a big sweetheart.
The cat didn't feel like taking a picture though :-P

I wore a blue-striped white shirt, a black skirt (which I customized a few years ago), a black jacket, a green heart-pattern scarf, a cotton bag with a red heart (made by me!), bordeaux tights, a blue owl-belt, a clock necklace and a black hat.

I kinda trow all my favorite pieces and colors together I guess.

If I look over these pictures again, maybe it would have been better if I wore a brown belt instead of the blue one but hey, we learn from our mistakes (yes, even fashion mistakes :-P )

Don't mind the tired-puffy look on my face. It's been a long day of classes and stupid weather.




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