maandag 29 oktober 2012

Because I love you

Hi there!

Love is like air. We all need it and sometimes people forget that little but very important fact.

We need people in our lives to say those few words. But you can also send them in messages like a smile, a hug, a small gesture,...

With this, I want to give you a little bit of love so when you are reading this, I hope you will know that you have love.

I hope it will help you through difficult moments when you feel alone or sad. I hope it will help you smile. Just for a second. Because that's all love needs. A second and a few words.



dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

Tumblr Madness

Hi there!

Do you have tumblr? If you don't, no worry. Two weeks ago I also didn't had a tumblr-account.
But if you consider to make an account, I have to warn you... It's so addictive!! :-D

So the ones who actually have an account will (hopefully) understand that the past few days I have been liking and reblogging like crazy.

Here's a link to my account, if you want to follow me :-) A Girl Named K
(But only if you truly want to because I don't want to bother you with an overload of pictures and other stuff :-P)

This is one of my few self-made pictures. Hope you like it!

Have a nice day! :-)




zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Dark autumn romance

Hello, hello, hello :-)

Okay, quick outfit-post.

Warm tights and a breezy summer-dress = super comfortable!! :-D
I am currently in love with dark lipstick and hair tutorial vids on youtube.
I tried to do this hairdo but I failed majorly. Yeah, it looks like I have no hair at all.
But, for those of you who want to try it, here's the link to the video: link

Do you have special hair-tricks or hairstyles? Let me know :-)

Enjoy your Saturday!!




woensdag 17 oktober 2012

After those days...


Sooo... this weekend was our very first performance! We all were so nervous/excited/curious/stressed out of our minds! I had some panic-moments since I had to do the make-up all by myself. And on theater, the actors have to wear heavy eyeliner + foundation. Otherwise, they will look pale and almost eyeless.
It was chaotic. 'Backstage' was just a small basement with lots of old chairs and props. You should have seen it! 15 people running around with costumes and props, aargh!!

But I survived! (Somehow) :-P

The atmosphere was great though! I made a lot of new friends and we laughed all the time and tried to be silent (you heard every sound on the stage).
I got help from a few girls with the make-up and we sure had a good time together!
(Hilarious when one girl tried pink lipstick on one of the guys!! And another girl used waterproof mascara instead of regular mascara. Hahaha, the boy freaked out when he, after the performance, tried to wipe the mascara off but it just got worse!! Panda-eyes!! XD )

Now, the pictures...

The weather has been so cold lately! Ugh, I hid my face in big scarves and I even had to wear a winter-jacket.

On the day of the first picture, I wore an orange dress. Not really orange but more like the colors of autumn leaves. And to prevent from freezing, I also wore a black sweater and a white peter pan-collar I ordered from 3 Suisses a few months ago. I'm currently combining all my summer dresses with sweaters and collars. Guess I'm in my girl-fase right now :-)

The pictures are from a little shoot I had with my friend, Stefanie (the second picture). She's a great girl and yes, she has rainbow hair. She's maybe a bit extreme for some people but every time we meet up for classes, we always end up having awesome conversations about everything.

And we always have those conversations over a good cup of Starbucks-coffee. I'm currently in love with Chai Tea Latte (it's like Christmas in a cup :-D )
We also got a sample of the Apple Crumble Latte and now, it's even more difficult for me to decide which one is more delicious.

Living on coffee.... <3



maandag 8 oktober 2012


Autumn has officially arrived!

Actually, it's always(!) raining, windy and cloudy but the ground is covered with red, orange and yellow leafs which means.... AUTUMN-FUN!!! :-D

In my family, it's a tradition to go for a walk in a forest nearby and somehow I end up every year with my butt in the mud and leafs in my hair. This is the result of a super intens fighting-game.
We throw leafs and mud and the first one who falls on the ground, is the loser. Of course, it's often me :-P

And after the walk, there is an enormous dinner waiting at my grandma's house.

Now, as promised, outfit-post :-)

I asked my brother to take these pictures and I have to say, he did a good job.
He's only 12 years old and he is always playing games on his computer/Nintendo DS.
But he is a big sweetheart.
The cat didn't feel like taking a picture though :-P

I wore a blue-striped white shirt, a black skirt (which I customized a few years ago), a black jacket, a green heart-pattern scarf, a cotton bag with a red heart (made by me!), bordeaux tights, a blue owl-belt, a clock necklace and a black hat.

I kinda trow all my favorite pieces and colors together I guess.

If I look over these pictures again, maybe it would have been better if I wore a brown belt instead of the blue one but hey, we learn from our mistakes (yes, even fashion mistakes :-P )

Don't mind the tired-puffy look on my face. It's been a long day of classes and stupid weather.




zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

In Dreams We Live


Pff, this week has been so hectic.
I'm a member of a theater group and next weekend, it's our very first performance!

No no no, I will not appear on stage. I'm doing the costumes + make-up & hair.

A few years ago, I actually dreamt to be an actress but due to personal problems, I was forced to quit. I was really sad but I realised it was for the best :-)

I'm just happy to be a part of the whole theater-experience. And I can't wait to see how the actors will look like with their costumes and make-up!

Outfit-post on Monday! :-)

Enjoy this picture I made a few days ago. I live in the middle of nowhere, with lots of fields and nature. The city is nice but I feel most happy when I spend an afternoon walking in the forest and enjoying the view.

This message is for everyone. Keep on dreaming. So we have something to believe in.




dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

To Be A Good Girl

Hey there!

Well, I'm still feeling ill but one good thing... my camera works again!!
Technology and me isn't a good combo. For some reason, I'm always having trouble with my cellphone, my laptop and now my camera too!

I wore this dress today and I was so happy because everytime I open my closet, I want to wear it.
But my sister said once that this dress reminds her of a Grandma-dress and since that day, I haven't worn it.

But today, I just felt like 'Whatever!'. I combined it with a blue sweater (which was also buried in my closet) and a white collar I made. It's a DIY-collar. Just take an old shirt and cut the collar.
Voila! :-D

I know it's a bit different from my other 2 outfits. But sometimes, I just want to dress myself really girly. I especially love the schoolgirl-look :-)

Have a nice day!




maandag 1 oktober 2012

Quick, quick!!

Hey everybody who reads this! :-)

This post will only have 2 pictures because I'm feeling ill and I'm having some trouble with my camera.
And I feel too weak to find out what's wrong with it.
I'm a when-I-wake-up-everything-will-be-alright kind of girl :-P

So I really hope that when I wake up:
1) I will feel better
2) My camera will work again.

About the pictures...

I wore this (picture 1) today when I went to an 2 hour-class Philosophy. Ugh, I almost died of boredom.
But the last 30 minutes, I paid more attention while I doodled this (picture 2)

(Another secret: I remember more when I'm doodling. My highschool teachers never understood this part of me ;-D )
Picture 1
 Picture 2

And now, I will go to bed and play these songs on my iPod till I fall asleep.


Sick K.

Crystal Castles - Leni (GoodBooks remix)

The Fifth Element - Protect Life (Remix)

Eric Crusher feat. Chloe - Unicorn

Stateless - Bloodstream

Cut Chemist - The Garden

Gotye - Hearts A Mess

Thirteen Things - Elephant Parade