dinsdag 13 november 2012


Dear lord, it's cold outside!!

Or it was, at least, that day when we shot these pictures. Today I wore a big coat and I was sweating! (just a bit :P)

Aaargh! I'm sure God is laughing his ass off. Putting people in trouble when they have to decide if they're going to wear a normal jacket or a winter coat. And then let them freeze to death or sweat like a pig.

Oh God, you're so funny :)

Pfff... because of a strike in the traincompany, I can't go to my classes tomorrow -_-

I hope I can study a bit for the upcoming exams. My procrastination isn't healthy anymore. Never was actually :P

About the pictures: denim jacket (vintage), regular black top + cardigan, big scarf (customized), skirt (customized ; it was once a dress actually but I didn't liked the upper part so I cut it off and voila :D), shoes (vintage) and bag (self-made ;  in Belgium, almost everybody is walking around with a bag of Dille & Kamille (= a store with soap, kitchenware and so on). I was inspired by the typefont they use on their bags and made one myself. I hope I will not get in trouble with this :S)

Soo... hope you have/had a nice day.

(Ps: I have a few of these cotton bag left over and I kind of want to make a new one. Does anyone has tips/inspiration? Thanks :D)




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